The First few days of this class can only be summed up as informative.  These past few classes I have learned a lot of great information that I can use now and also in my future as a student and an adult in the working industry.  So far we have covered, Hypothesis, Creative commons and so much basic information about the Co Lab and my new major!

Hypothesis is this tool you can download to your computer but be careful you will probably need google chrome!  The “app” is used to annotate things on the internet right there on the article. You can have a class group forum so you can only see your class or certain groups annotations or you can post and view on the public forum.  Both are great and easy to use. You can annotate anything from a line to a paragraph to a word. Along with posting you can comment on other peoples annotation.  

Creative Commons has many different parts to it.  Creative commons is a license you can get on your work.  There are 4 different types of creative common licenses you can get.  You can get an Attribution, Non commercial, No Derivative and Share alike.  A Creative Common License can allow you to copy work, distribute work, display the work publicly, Make things digital and even shift work into other copies.  You can take the different types of licenses if you want more of a private viewing rather than completely public. You can put a Creative Commons license on pretty much anything you make or produce online or in person.  They are great if you want to share your work but don’t want anything being stolen or your name being taken off.  

It seems as though this class is going to follow in the first weeks footsteps.  I believe I will learn a lot and gain useful knowledge. The first week of work has been light, just dipping into the semester so nothing is too rough.  I enjoy the way the class is so fluent and everything is well planned out. What you need to know is always listed out for you so you know exactly what to do and how. I believe this class will be fun, effecient and something I will be able to use a lot in my future adult career.

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