A Senior Synthesis

By: Maeve McKenna

My Major in the Interdisciplinary program, Human Resources with Youth and Development is mixing two worlds opposite from each other, together.  It brought sides of the business aspects of Human Resources like communications skills and management skills together with sides of Youth development, aspects like how adolescents work, develop and what they need to grow into great leaders and adults themselves.  My IDS major focused on bringing these two different worlds together to see how they can coincide in different jobs throughout my future.  It’s a mix of a variety of skills that are all different from each other that help to manage any type of project and task.  

When choosing a topic, to sum up, my senior year it wasn’t a hard choice, there have only been a few constants throughout my life at Plymouth and the admissions program is definitely one that sticks out the farthest.  Admissions have always been something that’s come to me naturally.  My Project was a Manual on everything I knew about the admissions Program.  I wanted to create a binder that the fellows in the admissions program can refer to if they ever get stuck or are looking for how things should be done.  It’s also a tool they can use to grow on, add new things and pages as the program grows.  When I came into the admissions program I didn’t think I would be the head fellow for 3 years let alone meet some of my best friends and greatest mentors. Looking back sometimes I wish I had something to follow or lead me in the right direction.  The admissions program has become a huge part of my life. As just a freshman I was lost and not involved in anything on campus.  I had thought about being a tour guide before and then one day I saw a flyer with the application, I applied and got involved right away.  As soon as I was able to give a tour on my own I took off.  I would give 3 or 4 tours a week sometimes, and I loved every second of it.  I became one of the lead tour guides the leaders in the program would lean on when they needed.  I started to stick out from the crowd, my boss encouraged me to go further and apply to be the head fellow.  One year passed and by the winter of Sophomore year I was the head fellow of the admissions program and now in charge of 50 student tour guides.  The program was sloppy when I came into the leader position, The tour schedule was unorganized as well as the spreadsheets and events during the semester.  Everything the past fellows had used was just messy, and the communication was low.  I soon came to realize this needed to change and fast.  With the help of my supervisors, we turned the program completely around.  We re-organized the info sheets and rep contacts, we changed the tour schedule, and raised the bar for our reps who stepped up and showed up each time. Looking back it was truly something amazing to watch and get to be a part of.  After seeing how far I have come and grown it wasn’t hard to know this is what I wanted to do.  So when asked how to sum up my time here, I knew I wanted to give back to the program that helped me grow so much.  

 In admissions you realize early on it’s a job that you need to be able to juggle multiple projects and tasks.  You’re going to be doing so many different things and with Interdisciplinary I was able to create a major that taught me these different skills that I can utilize in my future career paths.  I have never been one to settle down on one thing for a long period of time, I constantly need to have change in my life, I need variety, which so happens to be a common theme of Interdisciplinary. In the admissions program, the one thing you learn first is that you have to learn quickly.  There’s always something going on and a lot of the time you have to be flexible.  You will constantly be on your toes with admissions, so you have to know how to think quickly on your feet. Once I came to the conclusion this would be my path for the future, so many opportunities opened up.  Instead of sticking to one major and its classes, I am taking sales classes, event planning, public speaking and communications even adolescent psychology and leadership for youth.  My horizon is so broad now, and every semester I am getting a different professor, meeting new people from different majors, and learning from them.  It’s perfect for me, I never have the same type of class, the same professor, the same classmates, and schedule.  I have change and variety to help keep me on my toes and engaged.  

When I first joined the IDS world I was clueless until my professor explained it to be like a smoothie.  You are taking all these fruits and blending them together to create something unique and delightful.  With this project, and the time I have spent reflecting through my time here at Plymouth I feel ready to take on my next adventure.  At this point, I don’t know what I will do because I’m not there yet, I know what direction I am going and I think that’s all that matters. The experiences and knowledge I have learned throughout this journey have impacted my life greatly. My program has given me a variety of skills I need to be prepared for anything the world throws at me.  Without the IDS program and my fellowship with admissions, I think my path would be going a different way but I am glad it’s not. I am happy with where I am today and can only grow from here. 

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