Helping People, My life work

My Life work would be to help people.  I think this category is huge and kinda like one big giant umbrella.  I think helping someone can be holding the door for someone who has their hands full but also a nurse giving a patient medicine or fluids.  Throughout your life you could help people a normal amount, help your mom when she gets older, hold the door for elders or give a pregnant woman your seat on the train but my lifework is to actually make an impact on the people I help.  I want my help to be something that’s important to those people.  I want to look back at my life and think of the differences I made in people’s lives.  

In admissions you are helping kids find their next home.  I know being a senior in college has made a huge impact on my life and being at Plymouth is a big factor in that.  ANywhere else my life would have been so different.  Choosing Plymouth and knowing it was the right school for me was a life changing decision that has now impacted me forever.  Being in admissions I could help students to make the right choice for them and find their new home that could impact the rest of their lives.  Where they meet their lifelong friends, soul mates or business partners.  College is where most find themselves and become the amazing adults we all are becoming now.  

I think no matter where my future takes me either to admissions like I plan or to a different job there’s one thing I am sure of.  My job will be helping people in some way.  Whether it’s big or small I know my life work is to help people and make a difference in their lives.  

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