Human Resources with Youth and Development

 Human Resource with Youth and Development is a mixture of the business world with the childcare world. In this program, there are courses dealing with topics like marketing, personal relations and of course human resources. It also covers child development, empowering and mentoring youth, learning, professionalism, and leadership. I created this program because I never really have been a decisive person but with this major it allows me to take all of my interests into one big one. I came to Plymouth and luckily found admissions, first starting as a tour guide and now I am into my second year running the program as Head Fellow. I found that admissions is something I am not only good at but I am passionate about it. There are many parts in the admissions realm, a counselor, events and much more. I believe Human Resources will prepare me for working with many different people and also support many different options within the admissions world. The youth Development part is for the kids I would be working with. College-age kids and the ones looking into college are in a tricky part of their lives. With a background in things affect them socially, emotionally and what affects them is good to know. When you’re in admissions technically you are selling a product; the college and your consumer is the students, and only a good salesman knows you have to know your consumer. With this major, I am blending two very different worlds into one. Being in admissions I love Plymouth state and its true, but we don’t have a human resource major here and if I did just Youth Development Education I would be going through a lot more schooling than planned for. With this perfect blend, I can have the best of both worlds. 

In my Contract, I chose the courses I thought would benefit me in my future career and future life. Children and Youth in School and Community is a course I took when I first decided I wanted to do something with the youth. This class helped me to understand the foundation of children and youth and the impact not only the school but the community has on them. This connects to my future career because when it comes to college Admissions you have to understand the student and where they are coming from. Learning and Development is another class I took when I first decided on my career path. This class helped me to understand the way that your brain develops and the way your brain learns. This is good to know because when talking to students about the academics of schools it’s good to understand how students best learn. Organizational Behavior is a course I am currently taking, it focuses on working in a business setting with others and how to work in groups. In the real world, you won’t be able to pick who you work with and this class helps to prepare you for correct ways to be successful with co-workers in the workplace. Principles of Marketing is a prerequisite for Event Marketing, both of these will be good for my future career because essentially I am selling my school. In admissions, you can do many things but at the end of the day, you are marketing your school to others wanting them to enroll. Interpersonal Relations will also tie into the business side and help to develop good managerial skills when working with others. This course will help with communication, employee development, team building, and performance management skills, which will contribute to my human resource side of my major. Mentoring and Empowering Youth is where I step more into my Child development side. This class will help to know how to empower youth, when you’re in the college process it’s a scary place in a teenage mind. Being someone who knows how to empower the youth can make such a difference in a child’s life. Philosophical and Historical Perspectives on the Child in Society is a class that can help a lot for where my career path will take me. Knowing about the different American world views and the history of them and how they affect the children and students around them helps to understand the child better. When you’re selling an item or a good you have to know your consumer, this course and most of my youth development course helps me to be able to know the youth better and understand them so that when I talk to them I can help many different students from many different backgrounds. Human Resource Management is a course that can build my foundation for my future career and the main course for my major. The course will teach the basic personnel functions I can use later in life, not only in the career path I plan for but in any other career I choose later down the road. Competencies of Youth Professionals is a prerequisite for Leadership and Advocacy for children and youth. Both of these classes will help me to know what environments are best for students as well as the roles you as a leader play in those environments. Social Problems is a course that’s a bit different but ties in nicely. This course will help me to know and learn about the social problems that start in human interaction and social situations. This will help with the human resource side of things to know how to handle problems in the workplace. Training and Development is another course that can contribute to the business side of my major. This class will teach me to plan and teach trainings. I can use this with my future career plan and any others that I might choose further down the line. Adolescent Psychology is a course that will give me a better look at the psychology part of what’s going on in this stage of the students’ life. Especially focusing on how values change during adolescence. This goes along with knowing who your consumer is If I can understand where students are at in their life and how they are feeling I can relate more to them to help them build their future. Lastly, My QRCO is Mathematics 4-6, this course was a course I took when I was originally an Elementary Ed major. This course is my QRCO for two reasons the main being its all one I had done with a solid grade in it and the second being it ties in the youth development side. This is a basic math class that had some good foundations that are good for life in general.  

When I met with faculty experts I met with both a business one and a youth and development expert. For Youth Development I met with Brandon Haas, The Social Studies Education Program Coordinator. He helped me branch my contract further into what I was looking for. Dr. Haas advised that I look into the more psychology aspect of things. This way I can understand the students better and help them more. The business expertise came from George Pettinico, the Assistant Professor of Marketing. He helped me a lot on the business side of things, considering to begin with I was clueless on what business side of things I should go into. He helped me to see how marketing and tie into admissions. When you think about it admissions is kind of like selling the school to students, a background in marketing can help with this tremendously. Along with the two experts I also emailed Alison Buchholz about some of my youth and development courses, for some being a youth development major is the prerequisite. I plan to keep in contact with Dr. Buchholz for any other further help I will need.  She was my advisor when I was in Elementary Ed and is always a great help to me.  No matter what position I choose in admissions these backgrounds and different sides of each thing can help.  

Human resources with Youth and Development is a blend of the business world with the childcare world. This program will mix my two passions into one for my future career path in college admissions. I want to go into any branch of college admissions and this major will prepare me for it with courses in both human resource business and child youth development. The courses and mixture of things is also a good foundation to have for wherever my career path takes me in the future. 

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