I had no idea what this word meant until earlier this year in the summer. I knew it existed but never fully looked into it. I never knew this would be the major I needed this whole time. By definition interdisciplinary is relating to more than one branch of knowledge. Interdisciplinary is a smoothie of all different kinds of things.

I was never a kid who felt like I fit in anywhere. I was apart of groups and teams but it was never feeling like this was my place my people. With schooling, I never tried 100% unless it was interesting to me. I hated chemistry and calculus because when was I going to use it? When college came along I made sure to choose a school that had a large array of different majors. I had no clue what I wanted to do but I just hoped I would figure it out along the way. After switching to Elementary Education I found interdisciplinary from my boss. Looking into the porgram I realized this could be something good for me. A place that I get to choose exactly what I was doing.

Mixing the two worlds I am passionate about, child care and business, Interdisciplinary is where I feel like I fit in because everybody is mixed. It’s not one specific thing it’s a whole bunch. Apart from being someone who never fits in its mainly because I fit into multiple categories. I could never relate or stick to just one thing.

Interdisciplinary is the best of both worlds where you get to be in charge.

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