My Project Proposal

The admissions office is a small warm office with creaky wooden floors and small quant offices. This is where I feel most at home like I belong. Thanks to admissions I found what I am good at and now that I am graduating I wanted to find a way to give back to the program that has made the person I am today. How can I leave a positive impact on the admissions program? A Fellowship Manual. I plan to take all of my knowledge about the fellowship program and bring it all together into one manual or “how to Fellow” book. I hope to make it have info sheets, guides, and papers on the admissions fellowship position. This will give any future fellow an outline of how things have been done and changed within the last few years. This will be a physical copy of a binder or a book. It will include things like information on how daily tours are run, special tours, open houses, accepted student days, and other events and programs within the admissions office. I hope to put spreadsheets, instructions on how to run meetings, and the process of hiring and training new tour guides and admissions representatives.
I hope to help the staff within the admissions office as well as future staff that may come after me and my colleagues are gone. This will mainly be focused on the future fellow and assistant fellow in the admissions program. This Fellowship manual will mainly be directed towards the future fellow of this program. Admissions has been the only constant in my life since I came to Plymouth. Over the last 4 years, the program has gone through a lot of good changes and our program is the best it has been in a while. When I first became a fellow I was given this program in shambles. I want to make this fellow manual so that the changes we made are kept and the standards of the admissions office are held to the same bar even when I am gone. This book will have everything a fellow needs to succeed being the head fellow of the admissions rep program. It will help the future fellow with any event or program they need.
My entire major is formed around things that would help me in a college admissions career. The mixture of business, dealing with the paperwork, meetings, and the details of things and adolescents, the change from high school into college. This project will bring all the knowledge I have of dealing with selling our school to others while also relating to kids into one big book. I will need both my knowledge of how to organize people, setting up schedules, best ways to do events, best ways to deal with parents and visitors on campus with my knowledge of how to deal with teenagers, what they are looking for, what the kids are interested in and how they feel about their future.
To document how I am doing with this project I plan to post blog posts on my eport. These blogs will have how far I am in my project, how I am currently feeling about the project and some details on what I will be working on at the moment. I plan to work a little bit each week, compiling everything I need one section at a time. If my project is successful the future fellows will be able to handle the program and lead it with the same standards as this past year. With this fellowship manual, the admissions office will be able to run more smoothly during the transitions stages of leadership this upcoming spring and in future times.

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