Phone Usage, good or bad?

This week in class my group is going over technology and how we use it today. As kids who grew were born in the middle of things we are sorta like the lab rats of technology. Kids born from the years 1997-2003 grew up with no phones when they were young. I grew up climbing trees and running around my yard like a pirate barefoot, and honestly, Its sad kids don’t get that today. I see kids that aren’t even 2 yet with an iPad in their faces at 8 am. I think technology is a good thing but it has a time limit. Have you ever babysat or have a kid? You say you’ll never give them the iPad but when they start crying it’s so easy to just give them the iPad and they’re entertained for hours!

Have you ever looked at your phone usage in your settings? If you have an iphone you can, and mine is scary. You don’t realize how this small thing in your life plays such a big part. My main category of usage is in social media; Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I actually got woken up by this and decided to set a time usage on my social media apps. I have successfully brought my usage down by 38%.

I challenge you to track your phone usage and see if you should cut down. It has a lot of benefits for your health.

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