The Story of Maeve

Once upon a time there was a 16 year old girl.  This young girl was from a small town where nothing bad happens and everything is perfect. She has the best group of friends and family around her.  This girl was very pretty, smart and funny but she didn’t realize any of these things.  She’s shy underneath and tries so desperately to make sure things are always perfect and never change. This is the story of Maeve.  

Maeve was a senior in highschool, when she made the decision to attend Plymouth State University in the fall.  She was excited yet nervous, leaving her boyfriend,best friends and family 5 hours away she came up north to the beautiful New Hampshire.  The summer has come and gone and it’s late September, leaves falling and weathers getting colder. Things are going well.  Maeve has made friends at college and is still keeping in touch with back home.  Still keeping that perfect picture in her head she kept up, getting a job at the school, turning in assignments, and Maeve was getting the hang of things.  At this point Maeve is happy there’s only small problems in her life and she’s finally becoming who she really was.  Little does Maeve realize she’s got a big storm coming. 

Freshman year passes, Maeve passes her classes, has established great friends and is excited to continue her journey sophomore year.  Things feel different this year like she needs change.  Finally deciding on playing it safe she’s now an Elementary Education major.  Maeve usually spends her days in her classes, doing homework, working in the office of admissions and hanging out with her roommates.  Winter rolls around and suddenly things aren’t perfect, her best friend has left and her boyfriend suddenly doesn’t love her like he used to.  This ignites a flame in sweet little Maeve, she’s not upset or sad she’s angry.  She’s spent all this time making everything perfect, making sure everyone likes her, that she never messes up, that nothing changes.  See, Maeve realized something that day, the only constant in life is change, you can’t control the inevitable so why try?  If everyone else is going to focus on themselves then you should too.  From that day on Maeve started growing and working hard to become a whole different person.  She only gave herself the attention she deserved and no one else.  Nonstop she worked at making sure she was more confident not just physically but emotionally.  

Now a Senior at Plymouth State Maeve is stronger than ever.  She is sure of who she is and what she wants in her life.  Sometimes you need to hit rock bottom to realize the only way out is up and up she went.  Having this time to really focus on herself, Maeve grew into her life at school.  She became the Head fellow of admissions and realized what she was really good at, people.  Maeve threw herself into her work alongside her mentor and boss, bettering the program at school everyday.  She stumbled upon an Interdisciplinary Major at school and created her own program within the major.  

Change is the only constant in life and without it, our lives would never move forward.  We don’t realize it but we need change as much as we fear it, it’s what keeps the world turning.  Maeve is now going into her spring semester and she’s ready to take on whatever change comes her way.  

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